Monday, August 5, 2013

Our New Backyard Oasis

With few words, and many pictures, I bring you the love we have for our new gorgeous backyard.......

With moving comes a lot of stress.  I mean, you are picking up your entire house--two kids---all of their toys---and crap......and moving it.  All of it.  That is stressful.  

We have finally made it over that hump.  For the most part, everything has found a home.  Please note the words for the most part.  

One of our favorite places at our new house is the outdoor space, and we call it our own little oasis.  The backyard is beautiful, and the kids have so much fun playing outside.  Our driveway and the sidewalk in front of our house are flat, and that is heavenly to a little boy who thoroughly enjoys pedaling his bike, and loves bike rides.  

We had so much fun playing in the water table one hot and humid July evening.  The boys are drawn to water.  In any shape or form, the water will be found.  Even if it is just a bird bath.....they will find it, and play in it.  

These crazy boys will play outside for hours.  Even if it consists of playing on this small slide---they both get such a thrill.  I love that characteristic about them.  They just love to play.

The new trend in our house is to only wear one shoe.  Both of them only have one shoe on pretty much all the time.  Try and keep track of the missing shoe---I dare you to.  You are bound to fail, I almost guarantee you.  ha!

And we wrestle.  A lot.  And get very rough.  I swear sometimes I should be called referee instead of Mom. 

The wooden log swing under the Willow Tree has proven itself to be absolutely amazing.  A lot of memories have been made here, and millions more are waiting to be had.  

More wrestling.  Because that is what brothers do, right?  Right. 

We have a small stream that is located in our backyard, and Carson loves to go and see if he can find any fish or frogs in the water.

Fishies!  Carson was so excited when he spotted them in the water.
The view to the North.  So beautiful!  

Weston refuses to be left out.  Of anything and everything.  He will run as fast as his little legs will move to catch up with his brother.  

The famous Willow Tree.  Carl and I have contemplated naming it.  Because that is what we do, apparently. 

A lot of miles have been put on the tractor since we have moved.  Carson loves to make laps around the house. 

Father-son.  Two peas in a pod.  They are inseparable.  

My boys.  My heart explodes with thankfulness when I think of these boys.  I am so blessed.  Even in the midst of a mess. 

Happy Monday! 

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  1. The photos really show the happiness going on at your new residence.