Tuesday, August 20, 2013

15 Months(ish)

I have been horrible about doing monthly updates with the little Wes man, and it makes me sad/mad that I haven't taken the time to do so.  I am going to miss the fact that I don't have this information on file.  So, I am going to try my best to jump back into things.  If nothing else----at least try every other month.

Weston had his 15 month check-up (about a month late) last week, and we got the fun facts.  He is weighing in at 22 pounds, and is 31 inches long.  He is heavier, and taller than his brother at this age, but that doesn't surprise me one bit.  Not every child is 10% (or less) on the charts.  Ha. 

Weston is growing up so quickly, and is learning so many new things.  He is constantly trying to keep up with his brother, and will do anything and everything to make that happen.  If Carson goes up 25 steps to go down a big slide, Weston will put his fear aside and follow his tracks.  He is also right there to take the toy away from Carson that he was playing with so contently.  He is so sneaky when it comes to this, and knows when his brother is going to let go, or turn his back for .2 seconds.

He is also a fighter.  And a biter.  He doesn't back down (especially with his brother) and has a very strong-willed personality.  He knows what he wants, and will put up a huge fight until he gets it.  Even if it takes a hard bite.  I am not even kidding.  Oh, and you know where that goes---he gets bit back.  So before we know it, we have a biting war on our hands, with loud screams and big crocodile tears.  Boys are fun! 

Wes is still so busy.  He never slows down, and is very exhausting.  I obviously wouldn't have it any other way, but by the end of the day, I am ready to crash.  He is very curious, energetic, and will get into everything he shouldn't.  But he has these killer big blue eyes that can get him anything he wants ;) 

Weston has started to say a few words lately, but they aren't very clear quite yet.  I do want to document one thing that I want to never forget, and that is what he calls his blanket----"Deeda."  Don't ask me why he calls it that, as it sounds nothing like "blanket" but it is so darn cute.  I love these little attributes that make each child so different.

Weston is such a blankey lover.  He doesn't go anywhere without a blanket---no matter the circumstances.  90+ degree weather?  Walking around in the garage?  Outside in the mud after it rains?  He always has a blanket dragging behind him.  He has his favorite, no doubt----but really, any will do.  We have about 10 that we rotate, and he can spot them anywhere.  Just the other day he stood in front of the dryer, and cried because he could see his Deedas in the dryer.  He was holding a blanket in his hand while he was crying, and we had to laugh.  If he could have it his way, he would have all 10 of them at once!

.......Wears size 4 diapers, and is into 18 month clothing. 

He is a lover through and through.  When he is ready to run, he will run.  But when he is ready to cuddle, he will wrap his arms and legs around you like no other.  That is my favorite part of the day----snuggling with him after a long day. 

.....is bottle free as of 2 weeks ago!  I think we both miss it, but we are getting through it.  The boys spent the night with Frannie at the River, and She brought them back saying that Weston had been bottle free for over 24 hours.  I felt as if I needed to follow suit, although I wasn't quite ready for that jump yet :)  I feel like he will always be my baby---and yet I know the longer we wait, the harder it will be.  It is a very nice milestone to have behind us, but I am still hesitant and procrastinating with taking them out of the cupboard and packing them away.  Call me crazy, it's ok----my husband does too!  Ha.

Weston is still labeled as a "Mama's boy" and that makes me so happy.  Only because Carson is such a Daddy's boy that I feel like I deserve at least one of the boys :)

W is a rough and tough kind of boy.  He is constantly all over the place, is labeled as the "crazy child" and is probably sportin' numerous bruises.  And more than likely, on his head----forehead to be more specific.  I swear everytime a bruise heals on his forehead, he does something else to cause another one.  Like running into the wall, at full speed.  Carl jokes that we should get his vision checked.  I blame it on him being absolutely nuts.  Active is good description for the Wes Man. 

Bruised Forehead. Always. 
With his 15 month check-up came 3 shots.  He wasn't a fan, as I am sure you can imagine.  Pair that with him getting some tough teeth in, and we snuggled the rest of the day.  I had no complaints!  

Weston is so funny, and has the best giggle.  I could listen to him laugh and play all day long.  He also has some crazy funny faces, and constantly makes me smile. 

Carl says he looks like a little old man. :)

I want to bawl like a baby when I see pictures of him growing up.  He looks more like a toddler than a baby everyday, and this Mama is most certainly not ready for that.  If I could, I would bottle him up right now, and keep him little forever.  And since I can't do that, I will continue to try my best to cherish every moment.  

We love you so much, little Wes Man! 

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  1. I enjoyed the pictures and the documentation, Ang, Good stuff, all of it!