Monday, July 22, 2013


Ok.  So that word is potty talk in our house, and we don't say that word.  But I feel like that is the only appropriate word to use when describing a family moving their entire house from one, to another.

We are now officially Parkersburg residents, and we are completely in love.  In love with our new house, the space, and all that comes with a new house.

The boys and I went over to the new house in the morning of the 12th, to look things over before the closing.  We were pleasantly surprised when we walked through the doors to "Congratulations on your new home" balloons, and a beautiful potted plant from the previous owner.  The previous owner was so extremely sweet, and so amazing to work with.  The boys also got to run around the empty house, which they found to be so much fun.  I think they played with nothing for an hour.  Just ran around.  That made me smile, and so happy, because that was my first glimpse of them in the new house.  A very happy memory, no doubt.

We closed on our house last Friday, the 12th.  I had a wedding that evening, and family pictures Saturday morning.  We were set back a bit with getting a jump start on moving, but we kicked butt after pictures.  The boys spent the weekend at Aunt DiDi's, and that was definitely a highlight of their weekend.  We can't thank our family members enough for being so amazing when it comes to helping out with the boys!

The boys got to see their new rooms on Sunday afternoon, and they were both so excited.  Carson was bouncing off the wall-- running and jumping around.  It was so much fun---as a Mama under a lot of stress---to see your kids smile and be so happy about the same thing as you.  I can't always relate to Carson's elevated excitement---but this time, I could.  I mean, finding a cool leaf in the backyard doesn't give me the same excitement as it does to Carson.  But this time we were on the same page.  Not to mention, Carson slept in his new bed, new room, and new house----all. night. long. the very first night there.  That is a miracle, people!  

We were completely done with our old house on Tuesday evening.  I haven't felt such a huge weight lifted off my shoulders in a long time----until that evening.  We were struggling with the last bits and pieces, cleaning, and painting the basement floor.  All things neither one of us wanted to deal with.  We eventually got the job done, and it feels so good.

I didn't really get any pictures of us physically moving.  I did get a picture of the truck and trailer, but that's about as far as I went.  I was one of the active participants during this move, and I didn't really want to get hurt by my few helpers with busting out the camera to take a picture of them working hard.  :)

Carson admired this truck and trailer for the entire week we had it.  Notice him standing there with his hands behind his back.  He really studied this thing, and asked a bajillion questions about it.
Now---a week later---- I can finally say I feel like we are getting somewhere.  We have new bedroom furniture, bed, and living room furniture ordered, but it won't be delivered until August 28th.  Our living room is livable right now, with our old furniture still doing its job.  But our bedroom?  That is not allowed for guests to view.  We are currently sleeping on our old mattress, on the floor.  We feel rather classy, to the say the least.  And on top of the classy mattress that is placed directly on the floor--- our clothes are scattered throughout the room, because we don't have any dressers.  I smile, and laugh inside every time I walk into our bedroom.  It bothers me a little, but not really.  I am excited to have our bedroom put together after the furniture comes, but it will eventually get done.  I would rather play outside with the kids.  Like this......this is my happy place.

This would be another sight that I got to witness out our kitchen window in the one week that we have been in our new house.  Carl and Carson had some hardcore Father/Son bonding time one evening, and my heart smiles big when I look at this picture.  Carl gave Carson some golfing lessons, and that was followed with some chatting on the log swing that is housed under the giant Willow Tree in our backyard.  The Willow Tree is one of Carl's favorite things about the new house.  Seriously, it is.

Another highlight after moving into the new house would be doing a load of laundry.  It sounds crazy to some, I am sure.  But when you are without, you are very happy when you get it back. The boys were also very excited.  This lasted a long time.  Extremely cheap entertainment, hands down!

We have already had little friend visitors over, and have met most of our neighbors.  We have had banana bread, cookies and brownies brought over to welcome us to the neighborhood, and we are so grateful for such generous people. 

Moving sucks is not fun, but with it comes great results and joy.  I continue to remind myself that when I see another pile that needs to be looked through and put away.  Or another toy that needs to find a home.  Or a bill that needs to be paid but got lost somewhere.  Or hek----a single glance upstairs.  Our upstairs is a complete disaster, with it partially being the attic.  I feel like every box is being housed in the attic, and we have our work cut out to organize that thing.  It will come.  But when I look at the big picture----it will all be fine.  The hard part is behind us, and now we will continue to move forward.  We will make this house or home for a very long time.  And the boys are in love with it, as are their parents.  Smitten may be a better word for it, actually.

Onto the millions of memories that are waiting to be made in our story book of life..........

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  1. Angie, that is a very fun read and the pictures delightful. I'm anxious to see your new abode - and sorry I wasn't there to experience the hoopla. Thanks for making a visual memory for me through your dialogue and photos.