Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy Birthday, America

The long 4-day weekend has come and gone, and we are at Monday Tuesday morning.  All of us are dragging a bit, and that's ok.  We had such a wonderful weekend away, but reality has slapped us in the face.  

(Chipped tooth alert)

We have had a lot going on in our world these days.  Flooding, water in our basement, Bible School, insurance claims, weekends away, starting a new daycare, packing bags for the weekends, unpacking said bags in our mess of a house, packing up our entire house, preparing to move, closing dates and times, etc.  I feel like our world has been a whirlwind lately, and I am actually really excited for it to slow down.  I love busy, and spontaneous, and adventure, but unorganized chaos isn't my favorite.  And I am an unorganized person.  A wannabe organized, attention to detail, and thorough planner--- but not.  I save all of that for my Mom and Sister, because that is the area they excel in.  And good thing they share their ability with me, and help me out!  But too much unorganized, that is out of my control, is enough to make me go batty.  I am ready for the "new normal" to set in, and become routine.  I think every one of us is begging for a solid routine.  And I am not much of a set routine kind of person either---I think it all goes with being unorganized.  But there comes a time when the most simple thing that is considered routine, is begging to be a part of ones life again.  I think that pertains to every one of us in our house right now.  For example....tripping over boxes.  I am ready for that not to be a "normal" part of our life anymore.  Or....you are looking for something in particular that was once housed in its correct spot---hallway closet, second shelf, back-right-hand corner?  Oh yeah, that got packed away, and is lost in a box somewhere in the garage labeled "random shit."  I am ready for some sort of normalcy again.  And to stop living out of boxes garbage bags.

We close on our new house on Friday afternoon.  Our house isn't even close to being packed up, and we are out of boxes.  I have resorted to black garbage bags, and I am convincing myself that this is the new way to move.  It will work, because it has to.  And it will work, because we will make it work.  I also think that I will be setting a new trend on how to move with the hundred of garbage bags that will soon be transported.

With our closing date less than five four days away, and our entire house waiting to be packed up yet, I say with a smile on my face that we were gone for a whole four days over the extended Holiday weekend!  It only makes perfect sense, right?  There is so much to do, that I think we resorted to running away from it.  It worked, if you ask me!  Too bad nothing packed itself in our house when we were gone :)

We enjoyed the 4th of July with Family and Friends, and had so much fun.  I mean, don't get me wrong---coming home to a disastrous house, and having all of the work look me in the eyes is no fun, but darn it---we had a blast of a weekend!  No regrets at all.  This was the view I had for the entire four days.  My littles playing.  That in itself was worth the weekend away.  Except the major meltdown that my child had in Peebles.  I could have done without that.  It was followed by an almost 4 hour nap though, so it's all good.

I am the type of person that works best under pressure.  I will get the work done, but I procrastinate like you wouldn't believe.  It's who I am, and how I tick.  I have been that way as long as I can remember, and proved that sentence especially true in School.  A 10-page paper due next week?  I will start it 2 days before, and somehow get the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and final drafts all due in time.  And generally speaking, get a decent grade on it.  Or a Birthday gift for a niece or nephew whose party is tomorrow?  I will get the gift with a bag, and tissue paper hours before the party, and package it on the way.  Don't even ask me about the card.  Unless I am on top of my game and remember to look for one in my card box, or make one----I find them to be a waste of money (I mean seriously--$3.99 for a card?  Pah-lease!)  And yes, I am the Aunt who walks in saying...."this pink polka dot bag is from the Brouwer Family.  Sorry, no card today!"  With that being said, I am convinced that I will get the house packed up this week, even if it takes me being up all night long to do so.  Because that is what I would do.  I will even be so smart to agree to play-dates, and a grill out at a friends house tonight.  That has already happened.  Ha.  Throw in a basement that has to be put back together and painted, a few things that have to be repaired before next week, a million calls to the various companies to get everything put into our name, closing on Friday afternoon, a wedding Friday night, and pictures Saturday morning and I may be tipped over the edge and considered gone batty.  But we will make it, and we will all survive.  Because moving is so much fun, right?  Amen.

My Dear Friend recently told me that she loves what stress does to me.  She said it makes me smile, and make jokes about the crappy situation at hand.  I never realized it, but it does.  I joke around about the situation, and laugh about it.  As if it is funny----when really, it is so far from that.  Our basement had 7"+ of standing water in the whole thing, causing pretty much everything to have to be thrown away, and my Husband walked in the door that night, and I smiled and laughed.  He asked me..."what is so funny about this?!"  I responded with "I have no idea.  This sucks!" with a smile, and more laughing.  That is also when I left the house, and went to go and see a newborn baby that was just hours old.  I mean, that is the most therapeutic thing a girl could do.  Especially this girl who has some major baby fever, and is counting down the days until my Sister is able to fulfill that itch once again.  She seems to always pull through at the right time.

Back to the wonderful weekend away!  I tend to get sidetracked a bit.  I more so wanted to do a little catching up with our lives lately, but decided to still label this post 'Happy Birthday, America.'  Because Birthdays are awesome, and I love to celebrate them.  No cards required for this girl to celebrate.

We spent the entire weekend outside, and it was amazing.  I don't say this very often, because I think the word "deserve" is kind of a foolish word, but I say with great confidence that we deserved the beautiful weather this weekend, darn it!

Carson and Weston had so much fun in the water, and we were all blown away at how brave Carson was the whole weekend.  He jumped into the freezing cold water, wore his life jacket without a fuss, rode the tube with me like a Champ, and spent most of the time in the water "swimming"---which hasn't always been his favorite activity.  But this year was different.  He is another year older, and continues to surprise us with his abilities, and courage.  He is so brave these days, and that makes me so happy.

Weston wasn't so sure of the rather cold water when he first got put into the famous turtle.  He loves his baths, but this water was about as far from bath water as it comes.  After he got used to the temperature, he had so much fun floating around.  I loved that time spent with Weston, floating in the Mississippi, without a care in the world.

We spent 3 days on the boat, and that was heavenly in it self. I grew up cruising up and down the Mississippi River as a child, and have so many fond memories of it.  I am in love with giving this same experience to my children, and Husband.  Weston loved being the Captain of the boat whenever possible.  Put this monster behind a wheel, and he would smile for days!  If he gets his hands on the steering wheel of any vehicle, you will get the pleasure of witnessing the biggest fit from him when it is time to pry his little hands off of that wheel.  The boy is all boy.

On Saturday we decided to find a beach, and park the boat.  That gave the kids an opportunity to play in the sand, and it was so much fun to watch them play together.  Carson floated on the tube with Frannie, made sand castles, and swam around in the water.  We were shocked that he had no fear of the water this year.  Weston was content to dip his feet in the water, and play in the mud.  And this Mama rocked a bikini swimsuit for the first time since before babies.  That would be 5 years ago, if you were wondering.

The days were spent on the boat, in the sun, and the evenings were spent hanging out around the fire.  That sentence spells amazing weekend.

In the past, we have always stayed with my parents in their camper.  But this year we had our own space, and stayed in their neighbors' camper.  The kids could sleep peacefully, and we could have our crap stuff scattered everywhere.  The kids were rather leery of this new place to begin with, but by day #2, they became rather fonder of our "own camper."

Carson became good pals with Landry this weekend, and they played so well together.  It was fun to see the two boys share, and have fun.

We all came back with a little color, and that makes this Mama happy.  I miss being tan, and love that I now have a little color.  Daddy came back very red, and the boys have sun kissed skin.

I love weekends like this.  Weekends with Family and Friends, being out of town, carefree, relaxed and a lot of fun.

We are now back to reality.  Back to work, and full agendas.  There is some fun mixed in there, because I am determined to not let the boys get the brunt of our busy and chaotic schedules.

Here is to an exciting, stressful, busy, chaotic, unorganized week!  It will more than likely include dessert, chocolate, and probably a drink to keep me going. It's how we tick, and that's okay with me.

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  1. Your narrative is a great read and pictures are fun..especially enjoyed seeing your mom in a couple of them. Congratulations on rocking a bikini this year. :) Thinking of you as you approach the closing table and wish I were there to help with the hectic week.