Tuesday, April 16, 2013

11 months (two week late)

The little Wes Man is 11 months old already, and we are planning his FIRST birthday.  Typing that sentence out just made me cry.  No joke.

Carl thinks I am crazy because there were so many "firsts" and "changes" that have been taking place, and it makes me cry.  My baby is growing up, and it's hitting me hard.

This month, in particular, was a big one.  I finally drug myself downstairs to grab his new big boy carseat, and drug myself back out to the van to install the dumb thing.  And when I call it a dumb thing, it's only because I am bitter about the fact that my baby is no longer in a carrier.  Which means he is growing up, and I want him to forever be a baby.  Is that too much to ask?  I didn't think so.  :)

I also bought my first box of size 4 diapers.  He is still wearing a size 3, and fits into them really well.  I mainly bought a bigger size for overnight purposes.  But still.  Size 4 screams toddler to me, and I am not ready to call him that yet.  No way.  As I placed them into my cart at Target, I called Carl.  And then cried. He proceeded to laugh at me, and said "oh gosh.  It must be a Mom thing."  Gee, thanks!

Wes is starting to take his first steps, and it is so darn cute to watch him make the attempt, and then get down and crawl to where he wants to go.  He knows that crawling is so much faster, and easier at this point, so why try to walk?  And by faster, I mean just that.  This kid is such a quick crawler!

Little man has added a tooth this month!  He now has four across the top, and three on the bottom.  The third one on the bottom just popped through.  With that being said, it's been a lot of fun, and much easier to introduce him to new foods.

Weston still enjoys his food, and may or may not have gotten called "Tubby" a few times already.  We just laugh because he can out-eat his older brother any day, any meal.  And usually does.  Which I know, it doesn't take much.....but W shovels the food in like he has never been fed before.  Wes likes any food that he can feed himself.  He rarely will let us feed him anything with a spoon/fork.  His favorites:  any kind of fruit (grapes, blueberries, strawberries, manderine oranges, bananas) hot dogs, carrots, pasta, toast, cereal, yogurt melts, etc.  He has also been referred to as a bottom-less pit.  But when he is done with his food, he is done.  He starts to throw his food across the kitchen (literally!  the kid has quite the arm on him) and will make sure there is nothing left on his tray, and everything has been re-located to the floor.  Carl and I had to laugh the other night when we gave him his own spoon/fork to eat with.  We have introduced the utensils to him, and he knew exactly what to do with them.  But he tried for a mere 2 seconds to get a hot dog on his fork, failed, threw the fork, and grabbed about 3 hot dog bites and shoved them in his mouth.  Haha.  We of course added captions to the situation, and were laughing so hard.  We do wonder what was going through his head at the moment.

This little guy had his first taste of his very own sucker.  He was a complete sticky mess, but to see the look on his face the whole time he had a firm grip on that sucker stick with his pudgy little hands was well worth the clean up!

Weston also had his first taste of a donut.  His very own.  And it was chocolate, and very messy!  But he was so excited, and we were all happy to watch him destroy the thing.  

Wes is such a lover, and I am smitten with this attribute about him.  He will cuddle into your neck, and it makes you want to do absolutely nothing except rock him.  And yes, I am guilty of this.  My babies are only little once.....you can bet my messy house can wait :)

I am in love with everything new that Weston is learning these days.  He is a smarty pants, no doubt.  He catches on to things so quickly.  He continues to do "so big", waves "bye-bye" on occasion, and will do "patty-cake."  Carson has been helping with teach him a few more of the motions of the song, and Wes will now "roll it" and it's so fun to see the two of them together.  

Weston absolutely loves to wrestle.  And I am not even kidding about this.  If you are on the ground, you can start the countdown from 5, and I can guarantee by the time you hit 1, Wes will be on top of you.  He doesn't just crawl on top of you, he does it in such a "boy" manner.  He throws his hands up, and throws himself on top of you.  It is so funny to watch him.  Carson has gotten wrestled a few times by his little brother, and we laugh so hard because Weston isn't much smaller than Carson, and I have a feeling this is only the beginning of the wrestling days.  Lord, please protect my family :)

-Weight:  Wes weighs about 21ish pounds. 

-How much is he eating now:  We are trying to get Weston use to all table food, and trying to ween him of his bottles.  I would like him to be off bottles shortly after he turns a year old.  If that doesn't happen, I am fine with that, as I know every child is different, but that is my goal.  With that being said, we are trying to cut back on the amount of bottles given to him during a day, and trying to get him full off table food.  Wes has about 2 (6) ounce bottles in a day, and sometimes 3.  We are making progress, which makes me feel good.

-Wears size 3 diapers.

-How long does he sleep at night:  Wes has been going to bed about 7:30 these days.  I think with him being so active, he really wears himself out during the day.  I can only imagine he will get even more tired as the days get longer, and he will probably be staying up later.  He is definitely one that doesn't like to miss out on anything.  If there is action to be seen, he would like to be front row.  He is usually up a time or two during the night, and we can either get him back to sleep by patting his back, or giving him a bottle.  Sometimes it's a milk bottle, and other times it is just water. 

-What size of clothes is he in:  Wes is still in his 12 month sleepers, and in all 12 month clothing.  I have been buying 12-18 month things for this Summer. 

-Facial Expressions:  Wes has so many different facial expressions, and he is constantly making us smile with them.  My favorite is when he crinkles his nose up.  It reminds us so much of when Carson was little, because he did the same exact thing.  Kids are funny like that. 

-Learned anything new this month:  The wheels in his head are constantly turning, and he is learning something new every day it seems.  This is one of the joys of Motherhood that I absolutely love.  Watching your children grow and learn new things.  There is so much joy and pride that comes with that.  

-Is Weston a good traveler:  He is currently getting adjusted to his big boy car seat, and I would say he isn't the most fond of it at the moment.  He is getting better, but I think he will be more content when he can be forward-facing, and can see everything.  I plan to wait as long as I can after he turns one to flip him around, but I don't know how long that will last.  

-Recognize anyone new:  He hasn't changed in regards to liking a familiar face.  He doesn't like to be held by just anyone, and will get the biggest pouty face if he doesn't recognize the hands he is in.  I am still clinging tight to the fact that he is a Mama's boy, but that may be slipping away from me.  I am trying my best to hold on tight though.  Or, try and win Carson over.  Oh, who am I kidding---I live with all boys :)  

Carson's latest favorite thing to do is greet Weston in his crib every morning that he gets the first sign of Weston waking up.  It is so much fun to watch them smile, and have fun together first thing in the morning.  It definitely sets the mood for the day, and I am completely in love with those first few moments of every day.  The sound of them giggling together is music to this Mama's ears, and I am so lucky, and feel beyond blessed with these two little guys.  Sorry for the blurry pictures, but they are crazy!  They are usually jumping, and screaming, and Carson is singing "no more monkey jumping on the bed!"

Weston is such a happy little guy, and has a contagious smile.  He is such a joy to be around, and I can't believe that we are planning a first birthday party, and scouring shoes for him to wear--- and not just for looks.  

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  1. Wonderful update you've given, Ang. Enjoyed all of it! Thanks for loving my great-grandbabies so much.