Thursday, March 21, 2013

Double Digits---10 Months Old

Our dearest, busy, little-big Wes is growing up so quickly.  I feel like most days he grows over night, and changes is some shape or form everyday.  He is a smarty pants, that little W of ours, and continues to amaze us.

Those baby blues of his are to die for!
I am so far behind on updating Weston's monthly details, and I really need to get caught up.  So, with only ONE week left until he turns 11 months old (gasp!) I am going to publish his ten month journal.  Because like the saying goes, better late than never, right?  Yeah, I am going to go with that.

Wes is well into his ten month of life, and he is just that----full of life!  This kid of ours is crazy......but in a good way.  He is healthy, happy, and active......oh so very active!  Everyone comments on how quick he can crawl, and they aren't lieing in the least bit.  He can go from in sight, to disappearing in a matter of 0.1 second.  No joke.

I love watching children grow, and learn new things.  Wes is such a little sponge in this great big world, and is truly soaking everything up.  He can do "so big" and it is by far the cutest thing ever.  He has done that for about a month now (hence the lack of update last month) and it never gets old.  Never.  Although, I think he gets sick of it, because he doesn't do it after I ask him how big he is about 100 times in a row.  What can I say, I just can't get enough of that little guy and him throwing his hands up!

Weston can wave bye-bye, and loves to chatter.  His most popular is ba-ba, ma-ma (which is obviously my FAV!), da-da, ga-ga, and will make crazy grunting noises.  He is such a character, and will start panting when he gets excited.

I have deemed Wes a Mama's boy, although he does get pretty darn excited when Daddy walks in the door.  I am still going to cling tight to him though, because Carson is such a Daddy's boy.  I deserve one of them, right?!  I think so too.

Wes absolutely loves any kind of ball, and knows exactly what to do with that thing.  We are always amazed at his ability to throw the ball already.  No joke!  He gets so excited, grunts his cute little grunt, and throws the he is trying to shoot a hoop.  He has watched his big brother shoot hoops lately since we are trying to get creative with indoor activities, and he is picking up on the motion.  I think he is going to be our true and natural athlete.

Weston currently has 6 teeth.  4 (big!) teeth on the top, and 2 little toofers on the bottom.  Oh, and he likes to bite with his cute little teeth.  Like toes, and fingers, and anything and everything in sight.  It's a joy, really.  Ha.

Food.  Um, where do I begin with this section of the update.  Umm.  Wes likes loves food.  He is proving to be a bottomless pit, and I can hardly keep up!  He loves pretty much anything you put on his tray, and will inhale it.  Literally.  Sometimes I don't even know if he tastes the food, because he is shoveling it in so quickly!  I sometimes feel the need to remind him to breath.  His favorites: hot dogs, puffcorn, crackers, cheerios, fruit loops, grapes, blueberries, strawberries, bread/toast, pancakes, pasta.......and pretty much anything else he can feed himself.  He doesn't like much that we have to spoon feed him, because he would rather feed himself.

Weston has been climbing stairs for months now, and he is getting very quick at this task.  Aimee (daycare) has steps at her house, so he gets plenty of practice during the days.

Carl dressed everyone up like "Rambo."
Carson and Wes have such a special relationship, and I love to watch them develop such a unique bond that only brothers can have.  Carson still grabs Weston's hands, and it drives us (and him) nuts, but Wes is starting to hold his own, or just crawl away.  They are starting to play together, and things are getting interesting.  It's fun, though!

-Weight: Wes is weighing about 21ish pounds

-How much is he eating now: Weston is pretty much on all table foods right now, and I am trying to limit his bottles to 3 a day.  He is going to be off the bottle within the next few months, so I am really trying to get him used to "meals" at the table with us, and becoming less reliable on the bottle.  

-Wears size 3 diapers.

-How long does he sleep at night: Weston goes to bed about 8:00 at night, and will occasionally sleep through the night.  I am ready for this to be a consistent happening 'round our neck of the woods!  If he gets up during the night, he is usually hungry for a bottle.  And I have been giving him one, because it seems to satisfy him, and that is what he wanted.  But, with formula and bottles coming to an end within the next few months, I have been trying to gear myself up to quitting that.  Please note the word gearing. We have to laugh, though.  Our Dr. recommended to us that when he wakes in the middle of the night, and wants a bottle, to only give him some water.  He said that would probably make him upset for a while, because he wants milk, but that would hopefully break his habit of wanting a bottle, and he would then start to put himself back to sleep if he woke up during the nights---knowing he won't get the good stuff.  Well, we did that.  And, he drank all 6 ounces of water!  He could have cared less that it wasn't milk.  So, while I was happy that he didn't throw a fit, which breaks my heart, it still didn't really fix the problem of all of us up during the night, and him still needing that bottle.  He is very unpredictable, and not of the norm apparently.  Ha.  It will all work out, and happen soon enough, I am sure. 

-What size of clothes is he in:  Weston is in all 12 month clothes, and has even worn an 18 month outfit that we had from Carson.  He fits into 12 month stuff so perfectly.  

-Facial Expressions:  This child is such a character, and is full of them.  My favorite of his is his smile.  It is so contagious, and makes my day! 

-Learned anything new this month:  He learned "so big" and is constantly learning new things every day.  He also loves to find objects, and put them into things....if that makes sense.  He will have a toy in his hand, and will find a bin, or basket, or something, and has to throw it in.  Only to retrieve it, and do it again.  

-Is Weston a good traveler:  Weston is still currently in his carrier, and is outgrowing it very quickly.  I refuse to give that thing up until it warms up, so until then, his feet just may be hanging over the end---but only a little, I promise. :)   He travels so well in his carrier, and it usually puts him right to sleep.  The carrier is more of a reclined position than his big boy car seat is, and that makes me nervous for the switch as well.  

-Recognize anyone new: Weston definitely recognizes people, and isn't very keen of unfamiliar faces.  He likes the regulars, and gets very excited about a familiar face.  I love the greeting he gives his Daddy and I every day that we see him.  It's the best, and is filled with so much excitement. 

-Anything else:  To sum Weston up in one word, it would be: busy.  He is so very lovable, and snuggly, and smart, and just plain busy.  But busy also means healthy, and after our stretch of unhealthy.....a healthy boy is something to thank the good Lord for every day! 

Wes is such a joy to be around, and is always so happy.  That is one feature that I absolutely adore about the cutie that we have the privilege to raise.  He is always so happy no matter the circumstances.  

I am so lucky to be this boys' Mama!

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  1. "Wes is such a joy to be around..." Pretty well sums up my thoughts as well. He is a lot of fun!!! Thanks for sharing him, Ang.