Wednesday, July 11, 2012

TWO Months

Our Dearest little Weston is two months old already!  Wow, time is flying by, that's for sure.  Weston has been such a joy of an addition to our family.  I am still so in awe of him everyday.  He is our littlest miracle, and we feel so blessed to be raising this little soul.

We had Weston's 2 month check-up the end of last week.  He got 3 shots, which were no all.  The nurse's got a glimpse of just how well Weston's set of lungs really do work.  I felt so bad for the poor little guy, because I think he had a little reaction to the shots.  He was really fussy, and cried for a majority of the afternoon and through the night.  And it wasn't a whine, it was a painful cry, which broke my heart.


On to the monthly questions......

-Weight: 12.8 Pounds at his Dr's Appointment.

-How much is he eating now: 4 Ounces about every 2-1/2 to 3 hours. 

-Wears size 1 diapers.
-How long does he sleep at night: His nights vary.  A lot of times he doesn't go to bed until 11:00, or shortly after. He will sleep until about, we are making huge progress in that area!  I am still hoping to get him on a little different schedule as I go back to work, though.  To bed a little earlier would be nice, as I catch myself not getting to sleep until after midnight every night.  We are working on that a little bit each night.

-What size of clothes is he in:  Weston fits into his 3 month clothing so very nicely at the moment.  I am loving going through Carson's old sleepers, and putting him in them.  He has been wearing a lot of sleeveless outfits with it being so hot and humid lately, and he looks so darn cute in his "muscle" shirts!  Hehe.

-Facial Expressions:  He is still full of expressions, and says so much with his eyes.  It's so cute to see an eyebrow raise while you are talking to him.  He is also full of smiles, and I love that about him.  He is a cheeser, which makes the view even better---complete with a double chin and all.  A smile from Weston is enough to make my day! 

-Learned anything new this month:  Daddy is doing exercises with Weston, just like he did with Carson.  They have started with sit-ups, and he is moving to standing.  Carl and I are all so impressed with how strong this little guy is.  He can stand for long periods of time, and is constantly "jumping."  He is a champ when it comes to holding his head up, has an amazingly strong neck and back, and loves to sit in the bumbo.  He has also started to coo a lot this month, and it ranks at the top of my list for favorites sounds!  Between Weston's coo, and Carson's giggle, this Mama's heart is overflowing with joy.

-Is Weston a good traveler:  He is still a great traveler...just as long as we are moving!  The car ride instantly puts him to sleep, no matter the distance.  If our destination is only a few blocks away, that is enough to put him to sleep. 

-Did Weston celebrate any holidays this past month:  Weston's big holiday this past month was Father's Day!  He got to honor his Daddy for a whole weekend, and we all had a blast!

-Recognize anyone new: Weston is really responding to voices these days, and it is so much fun to see him do so.  I love how his face lights up when he hears a familiar voice.  That's enough to make your heart melt.  He is also concentrating a lot, and tries very hard to focus on objects.  Hence the funny pictures below :)

-Anything else: Weston has a killer pouty face that about makes you cry every time.  And, trust me when I say....he knows how and when to use this little weapon of his.  He usually gets what he wants when he puts on a big show for us!

This month, Weston made it one step higher in the bath department.  He no longer uses his sling, and is now in the plastic bath tub by himself!  We have also moved bath time from on the sink, to into the tub---if that tells you anything.  He loves to splash!  We all gather 'round the tub, and laugh as we watch him be so serious about taking a bath.  He kicks, and really gets himself moving back and forth, and splashes everywhere.  Carson giggles, Weston smiles, Carl and I laugh....and our world feels so complete. 

Happy TWO month Birthday to our littlest Wee Lad!  We thank the good Lord for you every day, and you have truly been such a blessing to our family.


  1. What great pictures! I loved each and every one of them and wish I could give Weston a great big smooch on his double chin.

  2. Viewed the pictures again today for a good giggle. Weston shows so much personality in all the snapshots you got of him; expressions galore! What a SWEETHEART!