Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A First

As a Mama, I get to experience a lot of "firsts."  Not only for myself, but for Carson as well.  He is obviously experiencing a lot of "firsts" in his young life, and I love to be right there for almost all of them.
One "first" that I got to be front and center for, as it tugged at my heart strings a bit, was Carson's first Friend Date!  I honestly can't even fathom the fact that my baby is old enough to have friends.  Let alone understand the concept of having a friend join us for a fun activity.

Carson's first friend date took place at a pool.  And let me tell you, we all had a blast!  We pulled up to Carissa's house shortly after lunch, and Carson and I were both so giddy.  I may have also been a bit emotional, because, well---I don't know why.  I think because my heart was so happy.

The ride to the Grundy pool was priceless.  I heard a lot of chattering in the back seat, and I just smiled.  Hearing two two-year-olds talk to each other is one of my new favorite sounds.  I understood most of it, but some of it was a little too gibberish for me.  But, they understood each other, clearly, because everything was followed with laughter, and kicking of the feet in excitement.  

I witnessed a lot that day, and I soaked everything up.  My son playing with a friend, and playing very nicely.  Carson and Carissa having fun together in the pool--splashing each other and making each other laugh.  The sound of two little people giggling, healthy as can be, and having fun together---is definitely something to thank our good Lord for.

We played for a while. Took a break with an icey. Played.  Break.  Repeat.  The whole entire time we were there :)

Carson sucked all of the juice out if his icey, and Carissa took hers down like a champ.  To the last drop. 

Both kiddos were so tired after our fun day, and zonked out on the way home.  It was so precious.

My heart was happy that day, and smiling.  As it is today.

I am so thankful that I got the opportunity to do this with Carson and Carissa.  I know it made them happy, and I love that!

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  1. The pictures are amazing - showing all that flesh; just what one finds at the pool! Your writing is amazing as well cause it shows the true heart of a mommy, which is all love and all joy. Precious thought for me.