Thursday, September 8, 2011

Catching Up

Ok, I will admit.  I have been slacking in the blog department lately.  I feel like we have been so busy lately, that I hardly have time to upload pictures off my camera, let alone put them together with a blog entry.  So, I will try and play a little catch up.  After all, it is Thursday evening, and I am just now going to report on our Labor Day Weekend.  And, before I know it, this next weekend will be here!  So, here goes.......

This weekend was fabulous.  Busy....very busy.  But, fabulous none the less.

My Grandma Sally, from Indiana, was in town for the weekend.  We were very excited to see her, and it was a lot of fun having her around.  On Friday, we took a little road trip to Hampton.  We went to a few really cute stores, one of them being "Orange Possum."  Super cute, and very unique stuff!  Check it out if you get a chance.

Saturday was the BIG day.  The BIG party.  We pulled off a surprise birthday party for my Grandma, which was a Weichers reunion.  She turned 70 this year, so it was a lot of fun to surprise her with loving faces that she doesn't see very often.  People came from a far distance, and it was fun to have everyone together.

Think she was surprised?  I think we pulled off a successful surprise party!

The party was a huge success.  We played games, just like Grandma would have planned the party.  The kids kept themselves entertained with cups, and everyone stuck around for the good food, and good conversations.  Who would have thought that cups would be so much fun?  Oh man, these kids had so much fun with them!  It was rather impressive, actually.

This would be our family picture.  Hey, at least Carson is content and pointed in the same direction of the camera.  That doesn't happen very often.  Ok, minor detail....the little guy is sleeping!  :) 

Grandma with her big birthday cake.

Pretty cool, huh?!  These cups kept all of the kids busy forever! 

A "siblings" shot.  And, for some reason, Chris looks like he has a tiny head!  Haha.

Sunday morning we started the day off with a brunch at my parents' house, to honor my Grandma one more time.  It was a beautiful day out, and everyone enjoyed more good food.  

Four generations of girls!

Check out this smiling sweetheart!

Carson enjoying himself while playing outside with some new friends.

Grandma Sally with her "great-grandkids."  She has her hands full :)

From there, we headed out to my Dad's house, to his birthday party.  My Dad turns 50 this year, another big mileston-er!

It took Carson a while to warm up to the strange faces he was not used to seeing.  But, he eventually did, and had a lot of fun.  He had people on the edge of their seats, all day long, because of his fear-less personality.  This kid loves to jump.  A while back, when he started this jumping thing, it was just funny, because he was mocking the motions of jumping.  He never cleared the ground, so it looked like he was doing some funky dance moves.  But now?  Now he gets air.  He clears the ground.  This kid is a monster on two feet :)  And, of course the boy in him, has to take it to the next level.  Now he is jumping off chairs, jumping down stairs, jumping off tables.....everything to send other adults into a mere heart-attack state of mind.  A few times we heard the words..."I just can't watch him, he makes me so nervous!"  Yeah, we feel the same way.  He jumped off the cement steps, and face planted it into the ground.  Everyone was so impressed that he didn't cry.  You see....if it's his idea, he won't cry.  He is all boy, I tell you. 

We took some family pictures in front of the tractor(s) and we actually got some good ones.

Grandpa with his grand kiddos in the tractor.

And, Carson was showing everyone a few of his body parts, when asked where they were.  His head, belly button, and nose.  He is such a ham!


Carson and Daddy always have so much fun when they are together.  Such a cute picture!

 ....and then Carl covered Carson in grass.  He thought it was hilarious.  I guess his shirt really does say it all "Dirt makes me cuter" sure does :)

Carson also had some fun in the tractor with Uncle Chris.  He was very leery about this big tractor at first.  But, once he got inside, and found all of the buttons, he was on cloud 9.  Chris eventually started up the tractor, and Carson's eyes got huge.  He didn't know what to think.  He immediately raced to my lap, and got to his comfort zone.  He then moved over to Chris's lap, and thought driving the big tractor was pretty cool.  Chris let him touch a few buttons, and of course he went right to the throttle.  We had that tractor revving up, making loud noises, and it was so funny!  Carson would look at Chris, and laugh.  He knew he was doing it, and thought he was pretty big stuff. 


When it was time to leave, Carson actually showed some interest in Natalie, it was too cute.  He wanted to help buckle her into her carseat, and he knew just what to do!  He got each strap around her arms, buckled the middle piece, buckled the straps in, put her blanket on her, and moved the handle so they could carry her.  And, he was actually nice to her during the whole process!  Whew, that makes me so happy!


After Dad's birthday party, we headed to a friend's house, and had some fun around a fire.  We didn't stay long, as we were all exhausted from a busy day of being on the go.  I think we all slept really well on Sunday night!

Monday morning came, and we were on the go again.  We headed to Waterloo to return a few things, and then got back home.  We were both itching to just be home for a while.  Get a few things done around the house, and just hang out.  I decorated for Fall, as this is my favorite time of year.  I love the colors, the scents, my Fall decor, and the weather.  Carson helped me decorate, and then I sent him outside to help Dad.  Carl is still working on our soffet area around the house.  Carson helped Dad for a little while, and then Carl sent him back inside to help me.  Ha.

We had a very busy 3-day weekend, but it was a lot of fun.  We were surrounded by family, loved ones, and friends.  That is enough to make the weekend grand as can be.  We have so much to be thankful for this Labor Day weekend!

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  1. You did a superb job of capturing the emotion and fun of "That Party". Quite the exciting week-end and one I'll never forget! And as a sidebar; it looks like Carson likes revving up tractors better than a room full of people he barely knows=that sleeping picture is a keeper. Thanks, Ang, for the memories. :-)