Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another Petting Zoo

Last Friday, Carl and I took Carson to another petting zoo.  We thought a fun exploring afternoon would be a great way to end our week.  And, it was fabulous!  We all had so much fun.

We took off for the petting zoo, with Carson only having an hour nap under his belt.  This, is usually no good.  But, we thought it's now or never.  Usually he takes about a three hour nap, so we were feeling awfully gutsy that day.  And, the ending was still fabulous.  I would not have been able to tell that he had a short nap that day.  And for that, I thanked our little Wee Lad for an enjoyable afternoon for all. 

We let Carson roam around the farm, and do whatever he wanted.  We were the only people there, so our options were unlimited.  So, he took off for the Duck Races, which was a huge tank full of water.  He was soaked by the time we were done with the racing, as I am sure you can imagine.  Carl and I were doing most of the racing.  My duck usually won.  Or, maybe we tied.  Yeah, let's go with tied.  We aren't competitive people by any means...HA!  Carson LOVED the Duck Races, as I am sure you will be able to tell from the pictures. 

After we pried our dripping wet little guy from the water, we ventured over to see the ducks, cows, donkeys, horses, and the big pig.  We fed most of the animals along the way, and Carson started giggling when the horse took the food out of his hand.  The cute little "I'm not so sure what is going on right now, so I will just giggle anyway" kind of giggle.  It's such a cute sound!

We then found our way to the corn pile.  I didn't know what Carson would think of it, because he hasn't ever been in one before, but he took right to it.  He dove right it, and started playing.  So did Daddy!  My two boys are like two peas in a pod.  Not kidding.

We kept moving along through the farm, and went into the next barn.  It had a hay maze in it.  It was a really neat set up for the kids.  Carson took off running through it.  He knew just what to do.  After he finished, we all applauded for him, and he decided to go through it again.  But this time, with the trike.  He can't reach the petals, so Dad got the privilege tiring job of pushing him.  I think he made it two rounds through the maze, and then distracted Carson with something new to do.  Like, go upstairs in the hay mount to find a basketball court, and a hay fort!

Next up, the camel, and buffalo!  Carson was rather intrigued by how big the camel was, but wasn't a huge fan of getting really close to him.  So, we made that stop rather quick, and continued to move along.

And, of course Carson found some cats while on the farm.  His face lights up whenever he stumbles across a kitty.  He always gets so excited, and takes off on a dead sprint towards the cats, in hopes of picking them up.

We played on the playground for a while, Carson made his way back to the duck races, and we ended with the bouncy house.  Carson loves to jump, so we thought he would be thrilled about this.  But, he didn't jump right in like we thought he would.  So, I went in with him to begin with, and then made my quick escape.  Then the fun began.  Carson was having a blast jumping!  Of course, it never fails.  First we couldn't get him in it, and then he cries when we take him out.  He was so pooped by the time we were done at the petting zoo, and we had to get going home so Daddy could get to work.  He didn't cry long, so we were happy about that.

The petting zoo was a perfect size for a day visit.  We were there for a few hours, and we all had so much fun!  I am sure we will be back again.  It was a wonderful way to spend our Friday afternoon together as a family.


  1. WHATALOTOFFUN! You can see delight in Carson's face in each picture. Too bad cats don't make very fun house pets for small children. They usually prefer to hide from them. Great blog, Ang. I enjoyed it. I enjoy your family through this media.But not as much as in person.

  2. Hey... where is this place?? It looks awesome!