Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mr. Mischief Himself

I enjoy documenting every little stage that our kiddos go through, because I don't want to forget anything.  I don't want to forget how busy they were, or how smart they were, or how sweet, innocent and happy they were. I am sure when I look back at these posts, I can relate to them in the aspect that they are still busy, and still smart, and still sweet, innocent, and happy---but just on a different level.

Ok.  So, I have said it a million times before, and I will continue to repeat myself.  Our little Wes is such a sweetheart.  The biggest, actually.  And he is busy.  And very quick on all fours.  Like, really fast.  And he is into everything.  I mean ev-er-y-th-ing.  And he keeps us on our toes.  At all times.  We can't take our eyes off the little guy, or he will be into something, or doing something he shouldn't be doing.

Insert a few examples of explanation above.

Tupperware cupboard:

He loves that cupboard so much.  At first I thought to myself.....oh, great!  But now?  I open it for him, willingly, and let him go at it.  I buys me about 10 minutes, and that is enough time to get a lot done in the kitchen!  Not to do you get mad, or so no to a smile like that?  It's impossible.  He's a true charmer, that little Wes of ours.


There is really nothing good to say about him getting into the toilet.  I mean--gross.  And that empty toilet paper roll?  Yeah, he got his paws on that too.  It's all on the floor----and he proceeded to chew/suck it.  He did exactly what he sought out to accomplish though.....I can only imagine.  He is a little smarty pants.

The dryer:

He took the clothing articles out of the dryer one-by-one until he could no longer reach any of the clothes.  He about fell into the dryer trying to reach for more.  After he was done, he crawled if he had conquered the challenge at hand.  He is funny.

Our little W is so funny.  He is rather exhausting, but I absolutely love that characteristic about him.  He is eager, and adventurous, and fast, and loving, and so happy.

He is now walking along furniture, and behind the walker---and he is so proud of himself.  I love to see him get brave and try something new.  The look of determination on his face says it all.  (Naked baby rolls are the absolute cutest, are they not?!)

Carl and I laugh so much when we talk about our little mischievous boy, and how he is into everything.  We reminisce a lot about the previous day/week/month, and just laugh.  Because seriously, how can you not?!  He is crazy.  We always know when little W is up to no-good, because he lets out a high pitch squeal, out of true excitement about his accomplishment.  Every once in a while he will scoot so fast to a room, and we don't know where he went.  We listen for the squeal, and then laugh---because we know that is a true and sure sign that we need to check on him ASAP, because he is probably into something he shouldn't be.   

I continuously remind myself to enjoy this stage.  Enjoy every stage.  And I can honestly and truly say I do.  Because before I know it, he will be grown up.  He is already inching his way to walking, and turning one, and talking, and running.  I am not ready for any of these things......because that means he is not little anymore.  So I will savor every little mischievous act that this little stinker of ours does.  Every. single. one. of them :)

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  1. It's so good that I can connect with your little ones with this avenue. I can love them from this distance because I know what their days are like and the progress they are making. Plus, I am able to reminisce about my own babies as I read your renderings and That Is SWEETSWEETSWEET!!