Sunday, December 9, 2012

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is such an amazing holiday.  I feel like it is just what I need each time of year.  I am thankful for many of things throughout the year, but every November, I am reminded again of everything that we have been blessed with.  And everything that we are thankful for.

From food, to shelter, to family, to our wonderful health, to clothing, to the little simple things that make up our grand life. 

We always seem to have busy holidays.  Our entire immediate family, both Carl's and mine, is within a 30 mile radius.  We are so fortunate to be surrounded by loved ones---at all times.  And with that, comes busy holidays, but we are so thankful for that.  We have so many loved ones close by, that we have to try and split our time.....which is something that some people may long for.  I am constantly reminding myself of that.  What we have, is something that other people may be dreaming of.  Like being surrounded by our entire immediate family---there are some people who could only dream of that.  

This year, we spent our Thanksgiving Noon at Carl's brother's house, with his side of the family.  I was in charge of the dessert.  I decided to tackle my first ever "layered" cake.  I am definitely an amateur.  I had no idea what I was doing, and it didn't turn out looking just the prettiest, but I got the job done.   

It's a chocolate snickers cake.  And while the layers aren't even, and the frosting is a little thick, it turned out pretty well. 

It was very rich, and very chocolaty.  I am a huge fan of chocolate, and even this was a little rich for me.  So, I may not be making it again, but I can at least say I have made a layered cake!  

Our little Wes is very seldom not doing the following:  getting himself into mischief, smiling, or displaying his tongue for all to see.  He is seriously so funny!  

Awkward family picture with the stand in brother-in-law!  Haha.

To-Die-For-Eyelashes.  I am so jealous of these bad boys.  They are much longer than mine.  Sigh. 

Carson and Jared had some bonding time playing Angry Birds on the Nook.  Carson continues to amaze us at just how good he is at that game.  We don't let him play it very often- or try not to anyway- so he thought he was pretty big stuff playing it with Jared. 

And playing it on Cassi's new ipod.  He eventually had an audience gathered around him to watch him play.  He displayed his shy smile indicating he thought that was pretty cool.

It was such an abnormally beautiful day on Thanksgiving that it was hard not to enjoy the outdoors.  Jared and Carson had some fun on the trampoline.  They had such a blast!  Carson was Jared's little shadow, and everything Jared did-- Carson's followed.  

Wes was content as can be just hanging out inside with all of the adults who just couldn't get enough of his cute little smile, and chubby cheeks.  He is quite the charmer!

After we were done at Mike and Monica's with Carl's family, we headed to Waterloo.  We made a pit stop at Ravenwood to see G&G Larson, to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving.  

Then it was on to Jasmina's for yet another feast.  The food was so delicious.  We got to enjoy the wonderful company, and Carson and Natalie had some fun playing ring around the rosie.  These two little people are getting to the age where they are really starting to have fun together, and that makes my heart so happy!  They are going to be the best of friends.

Frannie and Weston had some bonding time.  He loves him some kisses, and his cheeks scream "kiss me" he usually doesn't have a problem with it :)

There are so many things that I am thankful for this holiday season.  Too many to name or count, really.  But one thing I am most grateful for is my wonderful family that the Lord has blessed me with.   

Our hearts are overflowing with love. 

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  1. It looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebrating it as intended; with family, food and fun. All the pictures are s o o o great!