Saturday, January 21, 2012

Week 26

Friday marked week 26 for us.  Only 13-14 more weeks to go!  Not that I have a countdown on, or anything :) 

For the overall grand scheme of things, everything is going well because the baby is healthy!  As for me; I am having some pain in my right side due to some gull bladder stones.   I had an x-ray done the week before last, and it shows some stones that the doctor says I need to pass on my own.  So, until they pass, we will continue to keep taking it day by day.

But other than that, things are going really well.  Carson is enjoying pointing to my belly, and saying "baby brother."  We are trying our best to get him prepped for this little one that will be here before we know it.  We are so excited to see how he responds to this baby that will, in fact, not be going "bye-bye" like he tends to say about other babies :)

We have the pack n play set up in our room, and ready for his arrival.  I am working on making a few lists of things I would like to get, or get done before he arrives.  Because, I remember from the last pregnancy, the last month or so is pretty much out of the picture for me to get anything done.  And, so while I feel halfway decent most of the time, I would like to be as prepared as possible before crunch time.  So, that is what we will be working on in the near future.....getting everything ready, cleaned, and washed for him to arrive!  It all gets me so anxious, and I am forced to be patient.  I am not very good at being patient either, if you were wondering :) 

26 Weeks

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  1. Yippee! You are 2/3 way through this pregnancy! I sure hope you can say "bye-bye" to those pesty gall stones real soon.