Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We had a lot of fun for Halloween this year.  I will be completely honest, and admit that Halloween isn't my favorite holiday.  I LOVE to see all the kids dressed up so cute, hand out candy, watch as the kids enjoy themselves trick-or-treating, and we enjoyed trick-or-treating with Carson this year.  But, I just don't really get off on celebrating a scary holiday.  I don't like the scary costumes, scream masks, or anything bloody and gory.  Not to mention, everything that represents evil.  So, with that being said.....we do not decorate to the extent for Halloween.  No spider webs, skeletons, or scary decor at our house.  We stick with the basic pumpkins, and dressed our little one up as a cute Lion and Tiger, and did a little trick-or treating.

On Saturday night, it was trick-or-treating in Aplington, and we had a lot of fun going around to a few houses.  Mostly to the people we knew, and some family members.  We ended at my G&G Sents' house, and we helped dish out some candy.  Carson was not fond of his costume this year.  I think mostly because it was a one-piece, and it was too small.  On Saturday night, he was a lion.  And, I am sad to report....I didn't get a single one picture of the cute little lion!  Bummer.

On Halloween night, we went into Cedar Falls, and started at Frannie and Grandpa Gary's house.  Carson was a Tiger this night, and he actually wore his costume (after I fought him to put it on) and we went around to a few houses on their street.  After Carson's hands were cold, it was getting dark, and he was walking super slow, we called it quits.  We hung around their house for the remainder of the night, and I had a lot of fun handing out candy to all the kids.  I just love to see all the cute costumes that people are dressed in.

We didn't do any pumpkin carving this year, and I am not sure why.  I think mostly because our schedules are so opposite, and if we don't get something done on the weekends together, we have to wait until the following weekend.  And, this past weekend it was out of the picture with everything else going on.  But, we did decorate a pumpkin, we just did it in a way that Carson could actually do himself, which was really fun.  We gave him a bunch of stickers, and let him decorate the pumpkin himself.  Ok, we did help with the basic "face" details, but he added most of the other stickers himself.  The pumpkin actually turned out really cute!  And, a couple days later, he took all the stickers off the pumpkin, and scattered them everywhere throughout the house.  It was fun, but short lived, I guess. 

We had a lot of fun this Halloween season, and I can't believe that it is November already!  Holy smokes, where has this year gone?!

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  1. I love the face of the pumpkin Carson created-it looks like the expression of most mothers of two-year-olds! Also, the pictures make me think that he still takes sticker-business very seriously.