Monday, October 17, 2011


This year's Fall weather has truly been gorgeous.  We have actually been pretty spoiled with the super nice temps that we had a few weeks back.  About 20 degrees above normal is crazy/unheard of.  But, with that being said, I am completely content with the 60 degrees temps, too.  I love jeans and a sweatshirt kind of weather.  Something about that apparel combo screams Fall.  And, this is my favorite time of year.

Carson and I enjoyed some time outdoors last week in the leaves.  We have three mature trees in our backyard, that obviously produce millions of leaves.  We are finding out that the different trees are all going to drop their leaves at different times.  We have one bare tree, a tree that is turning right now, and one that is completely green yet.  So, we enjoyed some fun in the leaves from the bare tree!

I raked a huge pile of leaves, and Carson helped me.  Well, kind of helped.  I think he was dragging most of the leaves off of the pile with his big rake, but he was having fun. 

After I got the pile raked, I showed him what on earth we were supposed to do with this big pile.  I ran through the pile, and he followed right behind me.  He was throwing the leaves, falling down in them, and truly enjoying himself.  The smile on his face from him having so much fun, was enough to make me want to stay out there all night. 

Carson then came up with this brilliant idea (all by himself!) to take his 4-wheeler for a spin through the leaves!  I find it so funny to watch the wheels in his head spin, and then to watch him act out whatever idea he has come up with.  He was on a mission to find his 4-wheeler, and once he did, he was off.  He headed right towards the big pile of leaves, with the biggest grin across his face.  He had a look of contentment, that he was doing exactly what he had planned.  His plan kind of played out like he wanted.  This little motorized 4-wheeler wasn't powerful enough to make it through the leaves, but he was ok with that.  He rolled through a few stragglers that were next to the pile, and he was perfectly fine with that.  The smile he displayed across his face said it all.  This was fun.

I am not a big fan of how early the sky turns dark these days.  And, I know it will only get worse here in a few weeks...and, I am really not looking forward to that!  Our night time fun in the leaves was cut a little short due to the sun setting, and the temperature dropping a bit cooler than when we had started the evening outdoors.  So, we headed inside to start our nightly bedtime routine.  I said the word "bath", and Carson had no objections of going inside.  Phew!

Playing in the leaves is one childhood memory I vividly remember as a child.  We used to rake tons of leaves, put them in the big orange garbage sacks that look like pumpkins, and put on a huge Fall display at my Dad's house.

I hope this is a childhood memory that Carson remembers when he gets older.  And if he doesn't, I guess I have some super cute pictures of him in the leaves, to prove how much fun we had  :)

These are the kind of memories that I am loving about parenthood.  I have always dreamed of going and doing the different activities that I remember from when I was a child, and now I am doing that.  We have a soon to be 2 year old (which I am kind of sad about) that we are in love with.  It is so much fun to do different activities, and interact with him, as he enjoys himself along side us.

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  1. What a fun time this is to see Carson enjoying the leaves and learning to explore on his own. I agree, Angie, Fall is a beautiful time of the year. I like the promise that all of nature will soon be sleeping and life itself will slow down a bit.